Applus+ 3D Inspector Training

Sector: Education / Training

Applus + Automotive

Applus+ Automotive has trusted us to implement an innovative tool in the training of vehicle inspectors. This is the new 3D vehicle inspection simulator that allows you to recreate the inspection scene of any type of vehicle without the need for it physically. In this way, greater flexibility, agility and cost savings are achieved throughout the training process. 

The application works both in the field of training and student evaluation.

The simulator recreates the inspection of a vehicle in an orderly manner so that the student can follow it step by step. A guide that is complemented by a description of the inspection method contextualized depending on where the inspector is located.

On the other hand, the application shows a vehicle with random defects and compulsory tasks for the student to carry out the simulated inspection with the same tools they will have in reality. After the test is complete, the system evaluates the exercise.

The benefits are substantial, it is a perfect complement to traditional training and also:

  • It allows the student to improve himself with self-learning, turning the application into a personal challenge of continuous improvement. 
  • It's an ideal application both for initial training and to review concepts that could be forgotten.
  • The randomness in the defects and score turns the application into a type of video game, applying gamification to improve learning.

This type of 3D tools have a lot of potential, since there is no limit in simulation, and can be applied to any type of vehicle.